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Genix Aesthetica is a one stop therapy clinic for women’s and girls who want to be look stylish and stunning. Are you thinking when you have to see the doctor for the problems like vaginal concerns, hair removal etc… and when you need to consult. Most women would have at least one genital flushing or vulva scratching or burning episode in their lives. This is a very common issue, and often goes hand in hand. But women don't even speak with their girlfriends. Although the issue is common and never fatal, physical distress and mental distress can be caused. However, ladies don't want to visit a clinic and it can be difficult to wait for an appointment. So when do you need to visit a clinic during vaginal flush or vulva itchiness and when will you wait to handle it with normal medicines?

The walls of the vagina and cervix make the fluid that keeps the vagina clean. During ovulation, cervical fluid may be so visible that it is an indication for women who use natural maternity care. The substance is typically lightweight or milky white and has no foul smell. Of course the menstrual cycle can include vaginal discharge. A vaginoplasty brings together the separated muscles and removes additional mucosal skin from the back of the vagina. For a more cosmetic dimension, the outer skin may also be cut. They provide all services from the hair removal to vagina reconstruction with proper safety and proficient medical staff.

Once a pie-shape coil has been established for the extra skin to be removed from the inside of the vagina, this will be determined by the tightening. The tissues are stretched by tight sutures beneath the skin. The mucosal layer is sutured until the vaginal canal is closed. If the outside skin surges, this can also be reduced for a more esthetic result. In just one click you can tell or consult about your problem with the experts because Genix Aesthetica is always concerned about your problem.

Vaginal Surgery at Genix Aesthetica

Women who are uncomfortable with their appearance, look or structure can easily consult the Genix Aesthetica doctors or experts without feeling shy. The doctor here is friendly in nature and solves the problems delicately and effectively. Best Vaginal reconstruction clinic in Bhubaneswar.is the one-stop solution for all the women who are suffering from after fat, any sexual problem, scars, vaginal surgery, etc…

Vaginal Surgery or Labiaplasty is the reduction and enhancement, according to the patient's choice, of external genitalia. Labiaplasty reshapes the inner lips of the vagina (the mascara or labial minor or external lips) (the mascara). If a patient needs both procedures, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty may be carried out together. We understand the importance and concern of these procedures to our patients.

Genix Aesthetica clinic is operated by highly trained care providers of the Intermountain Medical community, uses a team-based, tailored approach to provide high-quality healthcare.

Why Choose us?

The 24/7 support of our doctors is the highlight that keeps us unique from the rivals in the industry and we treat the patients with full love and care that leads to the full transparency between us. The women who are suffering and uncomfortable in telling their problems can now come forward and tell us without any doubt as we thrive to elevates your personality by enhancing your look and structures which later on gives you a feel of the queen and you can easily show off in the society. We are proud to have highly qualified and skilled doctors on board. They all have had very successful vocational careers in the country's leading universities and hospitals. Genix Aesthetica was ranked as the best vaginal reconstruction clinic in Bhubaneswar Odisha.

The best vaginal laser rejuvenation clinic in Bhubneswar applies the newest vaginal rejuvenation process in the market. The procedure takes the least time and is able to handle both the labia and the inner vaginal canal. The only realistic treatment available here and treated by the best experts, Genix Aesthetica handles the cases with full efficiency and provides the best health care facility.


fat reduction

Reduction of fat indicates a decrease of body fat contained. Not to be confused with the reduction in body weight which includes muscle, fat, and water, and which can sometimes contribute to lower rates of fitness, fat decreases are mainly concentrated in losing the body's fat content. Fat loss increases health, energy and work efficiency in daily life.

Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal reconstruction is the procedure to tighten the vagina. Another alternative is to vaginal tightening by radiofrequency waves or laser heating tissues.

Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

Laser vaginal rejuvenation has proven successful and safe in treating menopause issues, improving sexual health, enhance the quality of life and in the urinary environment of menopause.


Vaginoplasticity is a process aimed at tightening up vagina slack or free of vaginal birth or aging. Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty may be done alone or vaginally with surgical procedures on the labia ("lips" covering the vagina).

after delivery fat

Fat Reduction is the process of reducing fat from the body after delivery by implementing various remedies.

delivery scars removal

Scarring is part of your skin's normal healing cycle. The fibrotic tissue replaces the damaged skin and forms a healing tissue as the body heals the wound.

Body shaping

The combined effect of their skeletal structure, the quantity and distribution of muscle and fat on the body is the female body type or female figure.

Hair removal

The systematic removal of body hair is called hair removal, also called hair loss. Hair normally develops in the human body.

Skin tightening

Nonsurgery tightening procedures typically operate through the application of concentrated energy to heat the deeper skin layers, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and increasing the tonality and texture of the skin.

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