Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal reconstruction will re-connect the bladder and bowel hernia to the vagina. The diagnosis of the fallopian tubes and ovaries will be carried out with, or without vaginal hysterectomy. A variety of treatments use the term vaginal rejuvenation. Often it is called female genital implant procedure, female genital rejuvenation, female genital surgical procedure, vulvovaginal implant operation and model vagina operation, and many terms. Labiaplasty, clitoral hood cuts, majoraplasty labial, monsplastic and vaginoplasty are among the treatments that require female genital plastic surgery.

This vaginal reconstruction is done by the surgeon. When the uterus is already in place, you might need a hysterectomy. The surgeon is using sutures to connect the bladder and bowels deep in the pelvic to the tip of the vagina. The stitches should not have to be removed and will heal after several months.

This operation has benefits such as:

  • minor vaginal incision
  • no abdominal incision
  • Short hospital stay (overnight stay)
What precautions should one have to expect after surgery?

One-two days after surgery, it s highly advised to live in a hospital. Your surgeon will schedule a follow-up consultation about four to six weeks after surgery before you leave the hospital.

Typical recuperation is 3-5 weeks with the operation. You will have to take pain killers during the first week. Smoking could impact your rehabilitation. You will quit 6-8 weeks prior to surgery if you are a smoker.

During the first few days of your recovery, you will limit your physical exercise and stop having sex 2-3 months after surgery. Three or four weeks after surgery, you will go back to work.

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